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We showcase the Best of our people, culture, gastronomy and diversity. We are Los Patios, We are Colombia.

Our essence is to create connections, driven by the Hostel Lifestyle.

Family Warmth

Feel the warmth since you step in, check Los Patios effect. Discover at Los Patios Hostel an authentic local experience guided by Colombians. Jump in !! so it won´t be difficult for you to spread the word about how How incredible Medellín is.

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Meaningful Connections

Meeting and connecting with people from all over the world is easy here. We host every day activities, most of them showcasing our culture and all of them providing the oportunity of making friends for a life time, one of the reasons why Los Patios Hostel won in 2020, Best Large Hostel category, revealed by Hostelworld through the annual Hoscar Awards.

Simple Fun

We are a country that inspires love through people who give the best they can to make it happen. Los Patios Hostel is a Colombian brand, designed to fulfill all the needs of adventurers, backpackers, Digital nomads and solo travelers, poviding a top - notch ride and providing that with us, you´ll have a memorable experiences.

Authentic Vibes

Local experiences, run by Colombians.

Stay with the best

Okay !! now you've scrolled to the end, Feel ready to Jump in to the Los Patios Lifestyle, here you will find all what your adventurous spirit needs. 🤙

If Medellín is in your mind Stay with the Best.

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