Los Patios Suites: The best hostel in Medellín


The best hostel in Medellin provides travelers with an experience — the opportunity to embrace Colombian culture and to make new friends along the way. We’ve been providing backpackers and digital nomads with that kind of experience here at Los Patios Hostel Boutique for years. In fact, guests loved their home with us so much that we decided to open a second hostel so we can show even more friends all the amazing sites there are to see in the City of Eternal Spring.

This month, we will be opening Los Patios Suites, our newest Medellin hostel in the city’s Manila neighborhood. Situated right across from Los Patios Hostel Boutique, Los Patios Suites is redefining what it means to be a hostel in 2018. Our rooms are designed with luxury and comfort in mind, and visitors with all budgets and travel styles will find themselves  en casa once they step into our patio of hospitality.

Colombia’s Newest Luxury Backpacker Hostel

We strive to be the best hostel in Medellin, Colombia, because we are passionate about our home and want our guests to love it, too. That’s why we decided to create Los Patios Suites, a luxury travel accommodation where traveler’s don’t have to choose between money or comfort while on the road. Similar to Los Patios Hostel Boutique, each floor in the Suites is designed to represent a different aspect of Colombian culture. Likewise, every one of our rooms highlights a beautiful part of our country, and the travel inspiration we have adorning our walls can help visitors decide where they may want to explore next.

When staying with us at Los Patios Suites, visitors can expect innovative room designs and features that are created to maximize personal space and privacy. In addition to our secluded private rooms, we also offer eight-person shared accommodations for travelers, which include ensuite bathrooms. Just like at Los Patios Hostel Boutique, bunks in these rooms come equipped with individual fans, lights and curtains to help guests maximize and personalize their spaces.

Coworking and Relaxing at Los Patios Suites

Here at Los Patios, we realize that our travelers have different priorities, and we know that our guests have busy lives, too. That’s why we decided to create a backpacker hostel that makes it convenient for visitors to squeeze in work emails or conference calls in between their trips to Comuna 13 and Plaza Botero. Our new hostel offers a sleek work space for digital nomads in Medellin, which comes equipped with tables and ample outlets. Similar to Hostel Boutique, we also have a rooftop patio where visitors can delight in have unobstructed panoramic views of the city — all from the comfort of their remote offices.

Travelers looking to disconnect for a while can do so at our Medellin hostel, too. Our massive television makes it even easier for soccer enthusiasts to watch matches, and the lounge is an excellent place to hang out and make new friends. A few rooms away, aspiring chefs and foodies who are hoping to perfect their own version of the  bandeja paisa will find pleasure in our Los Patios Suites kitchen. This expansive area offers guests extra counter space for preparing meals, and visitors have more than enough room to store leftovers in our refrigerator. With our various rooms and lounge areas, guests will be sure to encounter amenities that inspire relaxation and happiness throughout their stay.

Your Los Patios Home Away From Home

No matter which of our Medellin hostel locations travelers choose to visit, our goal is to provide our guests with a deeper understanding of not only Medellin, but Colombia as a whole. This dedication shines through not only in the very structure and design of our buildings, but in the events we host each night around the hostels, as well.

Our Los Patios programs are designed to intrigue and inspire guests. On any given evening, we could be hosting an onsite art exhibition workshop to connect visitors with local artists or a night bike tour to help travelers see a different side of Medellin. We also offer delightful classes and excursions to help visitors unwind after a busy day of sightseeing, like our mojito classes, salsa lessons or bar hopping trips. Travelers searching for the best things to do in Medellin don’t have to look any further than our front desk. Here, our Colombian staff members eagerly wait to tell our new friends about all the wonderful things they can do and see in our city.

Staying at Los Patios Suites

Our doors at Los Patios Suites will open in October 2018. Be sure to check out our website for the latest information about what’s going on at our hostel, and reserve your room now!

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