Los Patios: The New Coworking Space in Medellin for Digital Nomads


Medellin is quickly becoming one of the world’s top digital nomad cities for professionals who can work from anywhere in the world. This means that more people than ever are searching for coworking spaces in Medellin to serve as their offices while they explore the City of Eternal Spring.

Here at Los Patios, we understand that some of our guests may need to work while staying at our hostel. So, we were sure to keep these travelers’ needs in mind when we designed Los Patios Suites, our new hostel located just outside of El Poblado. With our new facility, guests don’t even have to leave Los Patios to start updating spreadsheets and hopping on business calls each morning.

Coworking in Colombia

It’s no surprise that coworking spaces in Medellin have become incredibly popular in recent years. The city’s tourism industry has expanded in recent decades, and many of the visitors who come to Colombia love the country so much, they don’t want to leave! Travelers who can work remotely are often drawn to Medellin for its strong digital nomad community, reliable internet connection and abundant coffee that spills throughout the city. Both of our Medellin hostels are equipped to provide digital nomads in South America with access to all of these amenities when they work in our facilities. We want our guests to love Medellin as much as we do, so now we have two spaces that can accommodate travelers’ various needs.

Working Remotely at Los Patios Hostel

At Los Patios Suites and Los Patios Hostel Boutique, we strive to make sure all of our guests feel at home in our facilities. To better accommodate our guests who work remotely, this means that we needed to create a new, functional workspace onsite. Now with the grand opening of Los Patios Suites, we are excited to welcome travelers into our two hostels where they can work in comfort.

Los Patios Suites offers extensive flexibility for digital nomads in Medellin because we have an entire room dedicated to location-independent professionals. Here, guests can escape the bustle of typical hostel life and work undisturbed to meet their upcoming deadlines. Our coworking space comes equipped with modern amenities that are designed to help visitors maximize their productivity at Los Patios. A spacious table fills the room, where travelers can spread out their laptops and notebooks, and various outlets dot the walls so workers can make sure all of their electronics are on full charge. Finally, there is a flat screen television that overlooks the room, and travelers can hook up their own devices to review presentations or video chat with coworkers overseas.

Work from Home at Our Medellin Hostel

Here at Los Patios Suites, we strive to provide our guests with the luxury that comes with any modern coworking space, while also making sure they also experience the comforts of a Colombian  casa. By making our new facility their home base in Antioquia, digital nomads will be able to save time and money as they explore everything the  Paisa region of the country has to offer. Bundled together in a Los Patios package, guests have access to our newly designed rooms, unlimited wifi and a space that inspires them to create great work.

And for travelers who prefer a desk with a view, we’ve got that, too. Digital nomads who want to take in Medellin’s beautiful cityscape while still meeting their deadlines have the option of working from our rooftop terrace. Here, guests have access to tables and outlets and a calm environment — all while having an unobstructed view of gorgeous Medellin.

Come visit your new home office in Colombia and reserve a space with us here at the website or through this email: marketing@lospatioshb.com

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